September ~ 30 Paintings in 30 Days

I’m really excited about this new 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge by Leslie Saeta. This whole blog is devoted to these challenges and even though I’ve featured a few other projects on here, most of my painting are over at a little corner of the artist in me

blog 1

Leslie had suggested that we choose a theme for this 30 days and I’m going to try to concentrate on women…I have a slew of pictures of my daughters and their friends and lots of ideas on how to paint these.

I learned so much doing these paintings last time around that I’m sure this will really help me improve my art work this time, as well.

I’m excited!  I’m almost ready to start…I need to pick up some materials…I might even try a linen canvas…or a make my own canvas.

One drawback is I will be on a road trip for a week in September, so I’m going to start a little early to make up for that.

Here is a little collage of paintings I have for sale, if you are interested in purchasing one or bartering for one email me at


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