Day 6 ~ Mountain Solitude

Anna S copy8″ x 8″ oil on canvas

High up in the Rocky Mountains there is a cabin that was built in the late 1800′s by a relative of a friend of ours.  It’s a beautiful cabin and an idyllic setting, kind of reminds me of Heidi’s grandfather’s house up in the Swiss Alps. We hiked up there one summer and ended up all going in different directions, just enjoying the quiet and solitude of the mountain terrain. Wonderful memories of fresh mountain, air, wildflowers blooming, a little gurgling creek and restful quiet…


9 thoughts on “Day 6 ~ Mountain Solitude

    1. Thank you and it sure is a blessing! I crave some mountain solitude right now… In fact I think I’ll try and close my eyes and imagine breathing some fresh crisp high altitude mountain air before I tackle another painting.:)


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