Day 14 ~ Shoreline Stroll

shoreline stroll8″ x 8″ oil on gessoed panel

This was inspired by a photo taken on the shore of Lake Michigan this past week.  What a beautiful beach.  We had a wonderful trip, and now I need to catch up on my 30 Paintings in 30 Days. 🙂

I bought 4 mini canvases and 4 mini stands that I’m going to work on today. That will bring me up to Day 18 and then I still have 5 more to catch up. Wow!


6 thoughts on “Day 14 ~ Shoreline Stroll

    1. I think this spot was a little south of Holland. We were driving down the highway towards South Haven and we just wanted to spend a little more time on the beautiful beach up there. I’ve never been to Michigan before, so this was really a treat for me. It was a 14 hour drive for us…long…but worth it. 🙂

      Where do you live? We traveled all the way up to Irons which is about 30 minutes east of Ludington.


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