Day 23 ~ Finding a Treasure

treasure 28″ x 8″ oil on canvas

I’m tired and bleary-eyed. One painting a day is really stretching it, but two is just a little too much for me. I need to work on this one a little more, but I can’t do it tonight…


5 thoughts on “Day 23 ~ Finding a Treasure

  1. This is cute Karin! It was really hard to keep up! I was 7 days ahead because we went on a little trip to….NORTH WALES!…and then I was 4 days ahead and then 2 and then Sunday I had to paint that day’s painting I was really rushing, and Day 30… I guess people are more organized than I am. Thank you for following me, and I enjoyed all your posts and artwork, I still love the flowers in the bicycle basket 🙂


    1. Wow! I’m so surprised for you to say this. You seem so very organized…especially to have made a video, book and collage on day 30. I’m so impressed. I loved following you and your tour… I wish I hadn’t been so distracted throughout, but I can always go back and go over what I may have missed. Thanks for all your encouragement!


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