Running Delaware and Sunken Wannabe

delaware8″ x  10″ oil on canvas

Did you know that the Delaware Heritage breed of chicken is a critically endangered breed?  The breed originated in the state of Delaware and has a unique plumage. It was bred as a meat bird and the Cornish Rock became the favored meat breed, so these became less and less desirable.

Anyway, I thought it would be rather fitting to paint this endangered breed running, as I have grown very accustomed to running chickens at my house. I guess you could say my hens are endangered as well, for every predator known to chickens seems to thrive on or near my chicken coop. I’m not finished with this painting. I have to do a few tweeks and put the little bit of glint in the eye…

And… my Orange Wannabe boat sunk…to be risen at a later date. You can tell there was a bit of a storm raging here today…



6 thoughts on “Running Delaware and Sunken Wannabe

      1. 🙂 my BFF can paint beautiful things… I cannot. I have no skills whatsoever… Strange bc a lot of peeps I know who paint can also write well but I can only write… Sometimes well 🙂 but Bob Ross made it look so easy 🙂


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