Day 18 ~ Bluejay Feathers

I found these three feathers when walking through the woods, and Thelma inspired me to paint them with her feather painting

feathers4″ x 4″ oil on mini canvas



6 thoughts on “Day 18 ~ Bluejay Feathers

  1. Looks great! The reason I don’t paint from a “model” is that I don’t think I can make it look like it should. You don’t have that problem! By the way, I just made it to the post office with 2 minutes to spare to get your American “beauty” in the mail. Should get it on Tuesday.


    1. Thanks, Pam. I know I will love the painting, and I’m so excited about giving the perfect gift to my mother-in-law. I love when you find something for someone who has everything. You know what I mean? 🙂


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