Day 20 ~ Girl in the Garden ~ The Whole Painting

I spent all day working on this painting. I just had to finish it…and I’m happy to say I’m almost there…

garden3 copy11″ x 14″ oil on gessoed board


16 thoughts on “Day 20 ~ Girl in the Garden ~ The Whole Painting

  1. How beautiful! Its so flattering but also strange in a way to see yourself in a painting! And oh how I wish to be back in those summer days… I cant express how honored I am to have been chosen for one of your inspiring paintings. Absolutely beautiful.


    1. I’m so so happy that you like it! I have to tell you that it made me nervous to show it to you. The photograph was beautiful, and I so wanted to paint it. Thank you for permission to do it. I want you and/or your mom to have the painting, so contact me on my email .


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