Day 26 ~ My First Plein Aire

It was a beautiful 67 degrees here today and knowing that the high is supposed to be 23 degrees tomorrow, we (my gardener daughter and me) took advantage of this day and headed to the lake, she with her pastels and me with my oils. I have been scoping out this spot on the lake for over a year now, and today, finally, I painted my first plein aire… Thanks, Anna. 🙂

Guthrie Lake8″ x  10″ oil on canvas

Guthrie Lake ~ January 2014



Day 26 Karin’s Chicken

I had to reblog this…Isn’t this fun? I asked Pam to do her rendition of my Folksy Chicken. What a wonderful artist she is. 🙂


Today’s painting was actually a commission.  Fellow 30 in 30 artist, Karin Naylor, asked me to paint my rendition of one of her paintings.  It’s a beautiful painting of a chicken that is on the masthead of her blog.  Now Karin paints very beautifully in oils–and my work is quite different.  So I didn’t even try to make it look the same.  I did take a cue from her color scheme which was very helpful.  And I enjoyed very much having a model to paint from instead of painting out of thin air as I normally do.  Well, here is the result and I am quite pleased.  Be sure to check out Karin’s blog and see all of her other wonderful paintings.  I’ve said before, and I will say again, the best thing about this challenge is meeting other wonderful artists.  Their support has been fabulous!  Thanks, Karin.

Karin's Chicken


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