Day 26 Karin’s Chicken

I had to reblog this…Isn’t this fun? I asked Pam to do her rendition of my Folksy Chicken. What a wonderful artist she is. 🙂


Today’s painting was actually a commission.  Fellow 30 in 30 artist, Karin Naylor, asked me to paint my rendition of one of her paintings.  It’s a beautiful painting of a chicken that is on the masthead of her blog.  Now Karin paints very beautifully in oils–and my work is quite different.  So I didn’t even try to make it look the same.  I did take a cue from her color scheme which was very helpful.  And I enjoyed very much having a model to paint from instead of painting out of thin air as I normally do.  Well, here is the result and I am quite pleased.  Be sure to check out Karin’s blog and see all of her other wonderful paintings.  I’ve said before, and I will say again, the best thing about this challenge is meeting other wonderful artists.  Their support has been fabulous!  Thanks, Karin.

Karin's Chicken


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