Day 26 ~ My First Plein Aire

It was a beautiful 67 degrees here today and knowing that the high is supposed to be 23 degrees tomorrow, we (my gardener daughter and me) took advantage of this day and headed to the lake, she with her pastels and me with my oils. I have been scoping out this spot on the lake for over a year now, and today, finally, I painted my first plein aire… Thanks, Anna. 🙂

Guthrie Lake8″ x  10″ oil on canvas

Guthrie Lake ~ January 2014



9 thoughts on “Day 26 ~ My First Plein Aire

  1. Well done! This is a gorgeous piece for your first outdoor painting. But 67degree?! Do we live on the same planet?! Today our high will be 6 below with windchills that will approach 50 below zero. They have closed schools again for today and tomorrow. I won’t be venturing outside at all if I can possibly help it.


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