Peonies in Pink ~ Photography Question

Peonies in Pink

8″ x  10″ oil on gallery wrapped canvas

This painting is one I did for Pam, trading for a couple of paintings she did for me… 🙂   I’m having trouble with the true color of the painting from my photograph. Maybe someone out there can explain this to me???

side by side

 When I put the photo in photo shop to show the true color of the lilacs in the small photo on the left, the tablecloth becomes a dark blue. If the tablecloth is the correct color as in the small photo on the right the lilacs are more purple.

So in actuality the lilacs are more pink and the tablecloth is more aqua.  Does anyone have any photography suggestions?

And Pam, I hope you can tell the actual color from this…what do you think?


16 thoughts on “Peonies in Pink ~ Photography Question

  1. Beautiful! As a daily user of Photoshop, I assume you had to boost the reds for the lilacs, which changed the tablecloth blue color as well. If it was me, I would make 2 layers in Photoshop, ie. the left photo on top layer, then use your eraser tool with an appropriate feather and erase the bottom half, thus revealing the true tablecloth color below. Hope that helps!


  2. These are lovely! As for your color question, I find that the temperature of the lighting of the room while taking the photo can make a big difference on how the colors appear in the photo. Sometimes I have to photograph the painting in different parts of the house (warm vs cool vs neutral lighting).


      1. I use Adobe Lightroom for my photo editing. I own photoshop but only use it for graphic/logo work for our businesses so am lost when it comes to photo editing in Photoshop! 🙂


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