This has been a crazy 3 weeks for me. I had a cold/flu the first week, when my step-father passed away. Still sick, but hoping not to be contagious, I traveled to my mother’s house to be with her, and had laryngitis for 2 days during the service when all the out of town relatives flew in. I stayed with my mom for a week and then brought her home to my house for a little time away. On the way home on the 7 hour trip, my rib went out, probably from coughing, and it was so painful… Anyway, I am home recovering, and my mother has gone back home to her house for awhile.

Meanwhile, I kept looking at the painting I made for Pam … the Peonies in Pink and I just didn’t feel right about it. The paint seemed to clumpy, the background too blah, the table cloth uninteresting, the peony on the table in the wrong place… the shadows…where were they? I tried changing the background, scraping some of the clumpy flowers, and then I ended up doing it entirely over…

redo 5copy

So, here is my redo…  : )