Day 4 ~ Little Chicken Rancher

My childhood was a lot different than my own children’s. I did not grow up with farm animals, but my children surprisingly did when some wonderful friends of our gave us some Rhode Island Red hens.

Each child has different experiences of joy, and this particular son of mine loved these chickens.

IMG_37986″ x  6″ oil on gesso board

Some of you may remember my faceless paintings from last time. Here I am doing it again. But there is just something to love about them…I think, anyway.  🙂

Just a side note…this little son of mine got a Colorado Rockies cap which had a big CR in the front. He wore it all the time. Guess what he said it stood for?  Yes… Chicken Rancher!!!


10 thoughts on “Day 4 ~ Little Chicken Rancher

    1. Thanks…I hope I can keep coming up with good old photos to paint. I think I’m beginning to get in the swing of it again. It’s hard when you stop painting for months. I’m so grateful for this challenge to get me going again. I’m loving your feathers!!!


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