Day 6 ~ Mini Bouquet Series

Here is #2 of the mini bouquet series. I was inspired by another artist doing the 30 day challenge, who did a series of tropical flowers.


4″ x  4″ oil on mini canvas


These little mini paintings come with a mini easel,  and they are painted on the outside edges. They can be bought as a single painting or the 3 together. I’ll post a picture of them together when I finish the third one.

Thanks for the inspiration, Donna. 🙂

Visit Donna Grandin to see her tropical trio…



10 thoughts on “Day 6 ~ Mini Bouquet Series

  1. Thanks for the mention, Karin. Inspiration is a funny thing, so much of the time it works on an anonymous level, positive energy flowing involuntarily from one Creative to another. It’s always a pleasant surprise to find out it’s flowing from me, as well as towards me! Great little floral painting, the brushstrokes are so energetic & full of life. 🙂


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