Day 26 ~ 30 Day Boots

I have painted a pair of shoes, or boots for every 30 Day Challenge, so I can’t quit now. I actually scraped a pair of boots that I had been working on and painted a totally different colored boot.

30 Day Boots ©2014 Karin Naylor 8″ x 10″ oil on ampersand panel


As I was tediously painting on the stitches I thought of our own home town artist boot maker Lisa Sorrel. You should check out her boots…they start at $5,000. Her website – Lisa Sorrel Boot Maker 


12 thoughts on “Day 26 ~ 30 Day Boots

    1. Thank you…aren’t her boots amazing? Yes, I agree with you, it did give the painting more depth. I think I need to use a different color for the shadow…I’ll have to work on it more… Funny how things pop out at you when you don’t look at it for a day or two. 🙂


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