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I’m really going to try and post an update once a week  of a painting that I’m working on. This one is turning out to be a much longer project than I anticipated, but it is coming along… you may recognize it from Day 27, 28, and 29 as my Unfinished Bouquet


It’s still unfinished, but there is a little story behind this that I want to share. This was a bouquet I picked out of my garden. My designer daughter gets some very interesting magazines, and this particular one had a Spring/Summer 2015 palette that contained the same colors as my bouquet…


How special is that… 🙂  So I decided to follow these palette colors. I’ve done this before with the pantone palette and a bouquet.

I was so impressed with Deb and her organizing skills, that I cleaned up my tubes of paint, threw away some really grungy ones and placed them all in a new home of their own…


They still look messy. Someday I will take an after picture of my studio. For now everybody will be happier not seeing it. 😉