Latvian Mittens…Instagram…30 Day Paintings in January…

Thought I would share my first completed Latvian Mitts with you…


You wouldn’t believe how many mistakes are in these, but I’m determined to do more… not more mistakes… more mitts… ūüėČ


Yes, I finally have instagram … thanks to my very Sage daughter who did it all for me. So follow me… You can scroll down the right side column of this page and find my instagram widget.

Just want to announce that Leslie Saeta is once again hosting 30 Paintings in 30 Days in January 2015. Anyone interested in joining up should go to her blog … LSaeta Fine Art


Colours of Snældan

Speaking of nature’s palettes take a look at this beautiful blog from the Faroe Islands…

Faroe Strands

The names of the twenty colours of Snældan yarn are all inspired by things that can be seen by any visitor to the Faroe Islands.  Here are some of them.


mistMist and cloud are the key to the ever-changing landscapes and seascapes of the Faroes.


YD15This volcanic rock forms the islands themselves and can be seen virtually wherever you look.



YD16There are very few trees on the Faroe Islands ‚Äď a combination of too much sea salt in the air and a large population of hungry sheep, so wood for building and manufacture had to be either imported or collected from the seashore.

19th-century cheese mould from Hvannasund (Klaksvík Museum) 19th-century cheese mould from Hvannasund (Klaksvík Museum)


peatPeat was once the most important fuel in Faroese households and the land around the villages still shows the markings formed by centuries of peat cutting. These crates in Klaksvík Museum were once used to carry the peat home…

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Nature’s Palettes ~ Misty Lake

This morning for the first time I can remember our nearby lake was foggy, misty…beautiful. The air has been saturated with little tiny droplets for two days now. As I walked in this misty wonderland I couldn’t help but notice nature’s palette…


Olive green…yellow ochre…burnt sienna…raw umber… and gray…gray…and more gray…

Here is the beginning of my Misty Lake painting…

Misty Lake ¬©2014 Karin Naylor8″ x 10″ oil on canvas

I still have to add a tree…or two…or maybe not…