I Want to Be Finished…

I want to be finished…or when a painting doesn’t turn out the way you wanted it too…

I’ve been photographing my paintings for a couple of years now, and although I am by no means even a good photographer, I have a system figured out that works most of the time. But there are some paintings that I have a really difficult time getting an impression that really brings out the true image of the painting.

This painting has eluded me totally. I think one reason is that photographs are two dimensional, so flattening out a painting is taking out the three dimensionalism that one is trying to develop in a painting.

I took a picture of the painting this morning as it is sitting on my counter awaiting completion…


I’m trying to show some dimension with background objects. Doesn’t help much, but here is my photo of the painting and I cringe when posting it, because it doesn’t look like this to me in real life…

bouquet finiIn real life I like the overall impression, but I think photographs can bring out mistakes or areas in a painting that need more work. Perhaps that is what I am seeing that I just need to adjust places that pop out at me.

Or maybe I just need to put it away from a bit and have a fresh look at it…?

I don’t know…it’s looking gloppy to me. I think I like it better in the top before picture, maybe I just need to soften it up a bit.


My Favorite Artist

I’m just going to brag a little about my favorite artist and friend…She has so much talent and her inspiration never quits. Her whimsical paintings can’t help, but bring joy and smiles. I just purchased one of my favorites from her Etsy shop…


How cute is that? I love snow, snowmen and snowflakes… And now you know who I’m talking about…Pam Schoessow….

Each piece of art work she does comes with an easel. And believe me, her work is the highest quality!

So, if you need a gift for someone or yourself, head on over to her shop… Blue Pumpkin Studio

She has affordable gifts for all occasions.  I guarantee you will love her work.

Pam’s blog…pamelajeannestudio

I Feel Like Painting Again…

This has been a rough couple of months for me and a little scary too. Someday I hope to share all about it, but for now just let me say that I’m better enough to feel like painting again.  : )

I’ve had a photo of a bouquet that I have wanted to paint for my bedroom. The colors are what attracted my attention and inspired me the most.

Here’s the first day…

1 bouquet

A little unusual for me to paint from the bottom up, but I’m having fun, just going with the flow and not stressing. 🙂