I Want to Be Finished…

I want to be finished…or when a painting doesn’t turn out the way you wanted it too…

I’ve been photographing my paintings for a couple of years now, and although I am by no means even a good photographer, I have a system figured out that works most of the time. But there are some paintings that I have a really difficult time getting an impression that really brings out the true image of the painting.

This painting has eluded me totally. I think one reason is that photographs are two dimensional, so flattening out a painting is taking out the three dimensionalism that one is trying to develop in a painting.

I took a picture of the painting this morning as it is sitting on my counter awaiting completion…


I’m trying to show some dimension with background objects. Doesn’t help much, but here is my photo of the painting and I cringe when posting it, because it doesn’t look like this to me in real life…

bouquet finiIn real life I like the overall impression, but I think photographs can bring out mistakes or areas in a painting that need more work. Perhaps that is what I am seeing that I just need to adjust places that pop out at me.

Or maybe I just need to put it away from a bit and have a fresh look at it…?

I don’t know…it’s looking gloppy to me. I think I like it better in the top before picture, maybe I just need to soften it up a bit.



12 thoughts on “I Want to Be Finished…

  1. Wish I knew enough about art to give you some advice. I think it is lovely. The dark background really makes it pop. It does have a very Impressionistic look. I do especially like the purple you added to the flowers.


        1. I thought maybe you were talking about the reddish color in the flowers, but you were probably talking about the gray which was just lamp black and white. It looks a shade of purple to me too. I think I’m getting bleary eyed. 😉


  2. Im the opposite. Its hard for me to paint “impressionism” because Im all for details, details , details. I think its lovely, but I am like Pam, I dont really know enough to help. Maybe a few more details? (just kidding Karin)… I think its lovely 🙂


  3. Sometimes it is best to ‘put it away’ for a bit. Then bring it back out and place it somewhere where you will walk past it frequently – your mind is on other things and you catch sight of it and realize what is bugging you.
    A few other tricks are to turn it upside down, set it across from a mirror and look at it in the mirror (some people paint with a mirror behind them and turn around frequently to check), take a black and white photo, or look at it through the wrong end of a pair of binoculars so it is small.
    Hope you make your peace with it!

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    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Janet. I’ve turned it upside down and it makes so much difference. I hesitated to even post this today, but I’m so glad. Cindy, too, has talked about painting upside down, but I’ve never tried it. I’ll also try the black and white…:)


  4. I am liking it. It is a bit gloppy – love that word by the way Karin! I think it is impressionistic. I like the added “details in the small flowers on the right. And the “glopps” in the green areas are really fun to me. Maybe a bit of smoothing in the white flowers would add some.. distinction. Definition…. difference. Juxtaposition?
    I agree you might need to step away from it for a bit, and give yourself a fresh look. I look forward to seeing it when you are finished, I have full confidence that you will create a beautiful piece!


    1. Thank you, Thelma. I think that is what I’m going to do. I tried painting up side down, and it helped, but I think I need to put it away for awhile. Thanks so much for adding your advice. I appreciate it. 🙂


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