Day 8 ~ Sage and Roses

I love the sage growing in large bushy loveliness outside my kitchen door. I love its unique color, too. This is a still life painting of a small floral bouquet I picked a couple of days ago. The sage is in the center, but those roses pull the attention away for sure…

Sage and Roses ©2015 Karin Naylor8″ x 8″ oil on canvas


I also revised my fig painting from Day 7…

Three Figs ©2015 Karin Naylor copy6″ x 6″ oil on canvas



4 thoughts on “Day 8 ~ Sage and Roses

  1. I’ve missed everyone’s paintings this week. No time to look. So I have just had a chance go back and see your beautiful paintings. You are so versatile! I think you could paint anything and make it look wonderful. I particularly like the purple–how you manage to do so much with such a small range of colors. Simply fabulous, Karin.

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