Day 13 ~ Black Sand Beach

I lived on the Big Island of Hawaii for a year in my younger days… The beach that was closest to us was one of the most beautiful and unusual in the world… the Punaluu Black Sand Beach… Thought I would add it to my mini beach series…

Black Sand Beach ©2015 Karin Naylor4″ x 4″ oil on mini canvas with easel



4 thoughts on “Day 13 ~ Black Sand Beach

  1. Love your palms! Breezy! I have always wanted to visit this beach. I have been to Hawaii, visited several islands on a cruise. Not nearly enough time there though. I would love to live there long enough to really see it 🙂


    1. I was really blessed to be able to live there for about 10 years, mostly on Oahu, but I’ll never forget the year on the Big Island… I have to fix this painting a little, just didn’t have time today. 🙂


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