Day 18 ~ This is the Way

I did this painting on an old canvas. One that I had painted on, but didn’t like, so I just scraped off the old painting and painted the new one on top. Using an old used canvas let me experiment, so I can do the painting on a new canvas at another time. I tried being very loose. One mistake I made was getting the finger that is pointing too close to the edge…

This is the Way ©2015 Karin Naylor

I really like the way the jeans turned out. I’m a day behind, so I’m off to do another painting to catch up…


4 thoughts on “Day 18 ~ This is the Way

  1. Yes, Johannes V. would ding you on that, but this is an awesome painting just the same. Your light is wonderful Karin! The jeans are cool, and the folds in the shirts… again your light, is terrific. Happy painting to you today !


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