Day 21 ~ Have Mercy

In today’s world there is so much darkness and corruption. I don’t write about the darkness in my life, nor do I paint the fears and struggles I go through. I try to look up and take hold of “joy”. Lately there seems to be a doom and gloom all around… as a Christian I am to look up to Christ and to think of the good things and to help wherever I can. This painting speaks of prayer that rises to the Father in times of desperation…His mercy endures forever…

Have Mercy ©2015 Karin Naylor8″ x 10″ oil on canvas

I’m not finished with this one yet, it has to dry a little before I can work on it again.


8 thoughts on “Day 21 ~ Have Mercy

    1. Thanks, Sage…no, I got the idea from a photo of an approximately 12 year old girl. Loved the way she was sitting and praying. Her expression was priceless, but this will be another faceless figure… There is really so much depth here that I want to portray. The darkness all around, the light of Christ shining in the face, the feet bare on holy ground, the simplicity of the clothing for we are to be humble…


  1. Well said, Karin. Your painting is inspiring. There’s plenty of doom and gloom around. Art should should raise you up. And I also believe in a loving Father who watches over us all. Life would be pretty dismal without faith.


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