May I Reach Heaven’s Joys

3   20″x 20″ oil on canvas


Last autumn after painting several aspen paintings for 30 Paintings in 30 Days, when the leaves all around me were turning that gorgeous golden hue, I embarked on this trio of paintings just for fun. I wanted them to be displayed as all three or just two or even one.


May I Reach Heaven's Joys ©2016 Karin Naylor 2:3

Just in the beginning stages I set these paintings aside to work on two commissions, and they sat for several months propped against a wall in our little guest house. Last week we had a guest who totally fell in love with this trio of paintings and paid me for them. So this last week I’ve been finishing them up for her.

As I was working on the center painting the song “Be Thou My Vision” came up on my Pandora channel, and the words “may I reach heaven’s joys”, just seemed to describe so perfectly this painting, hence the title.

Hope you enjoy these paintings and the little story behind them.



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