Day 12 ~ Finicky Flowers

Wow… I’m tired and the challenge isn’t even half way through. I’ve been working on a commission all this time, and I was hoping to finish it and post it today, but it didn’t get finished. Instead I took one of the mini paintings that I didn’t like and scraped it and painted something over it and scraped it again and that is why I’m naming these flowers finicky…or am I finicky…



4″ x 4″ oil on mini canvas



4 thoughts on “Day 12 ~ Finicky Flowers

  1. I’m struggling also. There always seems to be a point where you hit a wall in these challenges that you have to soldier thru. Some days I hate everything I paint 🙂


    1. I like that…soldiering thru… I do think it gets frustrating not liking what you paint, then again I remember from before if we push through there are rewards… I’m glad to be doing this along with you. Thanks for the encouragement. Your paintings are sooooo beautiful!!!


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