Day 23 ~ Texas Skip 1936

We have a very dear friend whose  grand-mother was a trickroper and she passed on this legacy to her grand-children and even her great grand-children. I asked her for a photo of her grandmother so I could try and paint her. This is the photo she sent me…


This is what she told me about this photo… “This photo was taken by R.R. Doubleday who was the best rodeo photographer of the time. He said this was the best picture he ever got of someone doing the Texas Skip. The rope was in the right spot, both feet are off the ground, and she’s smiling big! It all happens so fast it’s near impossible to get a good shot of that trick. Grandma was 16 when this was taken. That would’ve been 1936.”

That smile…Wow! Isn’t she gorgeous!!! She was still trick roping in her 90’s…

I’m not finished with my painting. I want to capture her face and I need to get the rope in better after the paint dries a bit… So for today, she is faceless…


8″ x 10″ oil on gesso board



8 thoughts on “Day 23 ~ Texas Skip 1936

  1. We were at your house for a bit this afternoon and I’m regretting that we didn’t run upstairs to say hello! We talked about it, but then ran out without doing it. Bummer! Would have been so nice to see you and get a hug. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying your paintings in my inbox. Love this story about the trickroper!

    Light, Life, and Love, Jenny



  2. That’s beautiful Karin! Grandma would’ve loved it. I’ve always imagined what that would look like in color, but I don’t have to anymore! I just did the skip at a gig last Saturday. I guarantee I didn’t look this good or smile that big!💕


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