Introducing My New Book!

My daughter Sarah has written, illustrated and self-published her own incredible adventure book. Read all about it here and be sure and get yourself one. 🙂 You’ll love it!!!

Pen on Paper

“Tera, do you think you could make a glass penguin? I want to send it to my friend, Ray,” I asked my glassblowing sister.

“Sure, I can try!” she said. And she did.

I watched the whole process from a nearby stool behind the partition. Heated to a glowing orange and turning slightly black as it cooled, the lump of glass turned into a tiny little penguin right in front of my eyes.

“This is perfect!” I said and packed it carefully into a box to send to Ray in Perth, Australia. International shipping form in hand, I took it to the Guthrie Post Office where it began its journey.

“Ping!” An email notified me that the package had reached Chicago. Days later another “Ping!” signaled its arrival in Tokyo, Japan.

That’s when the wheels began to turn…

“Wouldn’t it make a fun story to have a penguin traveling around…

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