Gallery Paintings

I thought I would update this blog with several posts of paintings that are now available at G Gallery and Glass Studio in Guthrie, Oklahoma.

Starting with my most recent series…Sunlight and shadows on a warm summer day, a beautiful figure dressed in white with straw hat and basket, picking wildflowers in a grassy meadow.

Gathering Wildflowers

12″ x 16″

Oil on panel

Black wood frame


Grace and Peace

12″ x 12″

Oil on panel

Black wood frame


Watch Out for Snakes

9″ x 12″

Oil on panel

Black wood frame


Hope you enjoyed this series. I had so much fun painting these with my daughter as a model. She actually did get slightly bitten by a copperhead snake, but not at this time. I say slightly because it only grazed her skin and she only had minor swelling. Still scary…

Which one do you like best?

If you missed my last post… check out my daughter’s new book at Pen on Paper


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