Day 9 ~ discovery

One thing I enjoy about listening to Kathie Odom talk about her painting process is that she loves to find stories behind the structures and landscapes that inspire her. When I saw this old building next to a corner gas station on a rather quiet road near Guthrie, Oklahoma, it intrigued me, especially with the early morning sun glowing on the old metal sliding door. But the round metal structure really was my focal point, and this morning I discovered something truly unique about it.

Here is a picture to refresh your memory or perhaps this is the first time you’ve seen it and you will now know what I’m talking about…

Here’s my story…

Once again we drove past this building on our way home from watching the sunrise at the lake. I wanted to stop, get out and refresh my memory of the place. It was then that I saw a man walk from the back of the building towards that round metal structure. He disappeared behind it. Bewildered, we decided it would be best to leave. I watched as the picket fence moved, but as we drove past I looked in between the building and the round tower and no one was there. The man had just disappeared.

Hours later we returned to the site and looked in between the fence and the round structure. There was a large section cut out and to our amazement there was an old outhouse inside, a single board with a hole in it. I guess the picket fence is the privacy door? Can you believe it? You could never tell from the road that the round metal structure was an old outhouse.

I have no idea what this old building was. Peaking in the window it just looks like it is full of trash and cardboard boxes. Maybe I’ll do some more sleuthing and find out. 🙂

Back to my painting…now I know that the focal point is an old outhouse. 😉

Still have a ways to go… all part of the process…