Day 22 ~ making something new from the old

Gray’s Peak in Colorado is a wonderful place to hike. We have gone there many times throughout the years. Some of the family have climbed both 14ers, Gray’s and Torrey’s… I admire them. I only went part way up Gray’s to where there was nothing but slippery shale sliding under my feet and my fear of heights kicked in, so down I went, taking a deep breath of relief when I got back to the car. I painted from one of the photos I took on the road to Gray’s and Torrey’s and sold it at the gallery. I’ll post it here so you can see…

Road to Gray’s and Torrey’s SOLD

After I had completed this painting back in 2017, one of my daughter’s gave me an old acrylic painted canvas that she was getting rid of and I decided to try and paint this same painting, but with a palette knife. Never finished it, so that’s my new project here…making something new from the old.


4 thoughts on “Day 22 ~ making something new from the old

  1. Gorgeous! WOW! I love the addition of turquoise in the second version. 🙂 I had to look this up on Maps. I grew up in CO and did not recognize those names. But I’ve been up and down the 70 a zillion times. LOL. And to Georgetown.


    1. Thanks, Sheila. The turquoise was a color I was wanting to use more of when I first painted this years ago. I like it too. So, where did you grow up in CO? I sure miss going up there. Love the mountains so much and this time of year… the aspens… my favorite!!!


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