a remake…

I decided to rework an old painting I did a few years ago, because I wasn’t happy with the ‘stiffness’ of it, and the panel was damaged in one corner.

On to a new canvas with a looser painting style…

I’m happy with my block in. I did the first painting from life… this one I’m copying from the previous painting.

I really enjoyed the first day. Worked for several hours and enjoyed it immensely. I wasn’t able to finish it that day, so this was as far as I got…

The next afternoon was a disaster.

I felt like I ruined the painting and for several days since then I’ve been going into my studio for maybe a half hour at a time trying to fix it.

Now I’m almost finished, I think, but finishing a painting for me is definitely the hardest part.

I feel like I’m over doing it…under doing it??? Not happy with it yet. 😦

Nevertheless, I’ve got some new projects, new discoveries in mind… I’ll share those next time…:)

Here’s a link to the old painting, if you’re interested… The Goldfish


7 thoughts on “a remake…

  1. I am seeing this late, so you have probably already finished it. I love it, Karin. 🙂 The only thing I can see, tis that the downturned flower on the bottom needs shading on the leaves at the base of the flower. The do in your first piece. And the shadow under the vase in the first one is softer. It feels like the vase is more firmly placed. I love the light in this one. It seems fresh. And the dark leaves have a nice flow. Beautiful! 🙂


    1. I love you, Sheila!!! Thanks so much for your critique. I think my eyes are tired and your new perspective helped me to see what I wasn’t seeing. Thank you soooooo much! I will work on all those pointers… ❤


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