Back Alley Guthrie ~ Farquharsan Building

Strange name, isn’t it? Albert O. Farquharsan opened a clothing store in this building in 1907.

This quote from describes the building…

“The 1907 Guthrie City Directory shows Albert O. Farquharson occupying this building as a clothing store, with men’s furnishings, hats and shoes. In the back alley on the west side of the building is a ghost which reads: “Clothing Store / Hats Shoes Tools and Grips”. “

I thought it was interesting that these faded letters on old buildings were called ghosts.

Here is my rendition…

Back Alley ~ Farquharsan Building 20″ x 24″ oil on canvas

A friend of ours dressed up like an old time gentleman for the Victorian Christmas Walk last year, and I thought he was such a fitting addition to the scene. Just imagine back in 1907 walking out of this men’s clothing store outfitted with a new hat, vest, coat, pants, shoes and cane.

Just recently someone painted the letters on this out of the way back alley building. I really am partial to the ghost letters. I’m glad I painted it before the renovation.

Even though the ghost lettering was hard to read, I think they made a mistake when they painted HOUSE instead of STORE.

Curious to know what you all think??? 🙂


14 thoughts on “Back Alley Guthrie ~ Farquharsan Building

  1. I love your painting, Karin. It’s a lovely old building. You are absolutely right, I like the ghost better. I never knew that either. They chose the wrong font completely. Too modern.And it should just be letters, without the dark boxes. Bravo Karin 🙂

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  2. I love that you are finding and capturing the treasure of Guthrie’s back alleys. So strange that they would paint it right after you “found” it. I’m glad too, that you saw it beforehand. Something tells me it wouldn’t have inspired a painting the way it is now.

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    1. Thanks, Beverly. Yes, there are some beautiful historical buildings that would be amazing to paint. Why I’m choosing the back alleys? Finding beauty in the forgotten…behind the scenes…hidden reality…I guess. 🙂


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