I love the idea of bartering or trading paintings. For example, I am bartering one painting for homespun wool yarn.

If you are interested please contact me at bealily@inbox.com.

Here are some of my trades…

I traded this painting Hearts and Crocs…for 3 skeins of gorgeous homespun yarn from Knitting Sarah


skein 2 copy


I traded A Basket of Flowers…


for a beautiful painting by Pamela Shoessow called Apples Red…


This painting titled Lazy River…


was traded for Pati Awapara’s delightfully colorful painting…


The painting The Window was traded for Donna’s beautiful alpaca homespun and hand-dyed yarn…




2 thoughts on “Barter or Trade?

  1. I dropped by your blog to invite you to my GIFTS AND DECORATIONS ART PARTY and found your email.

    This is similar to the 30 paintings in 30 days, but Less pressure. More fun! I’ve set the links to rotate everyone to the top, you can post just once or up to 24 paintings leading up the the holidays and it has a holiday theme. The registration is here and I will send out links each day if you FOLLOW MY BLOG on the left. I do hope to see some of your lovely work at the party. http://paintamasterpiece.blogspot.ca/2013/11/gifts-and-decorations-art-party-begins.html

    I’m also very interested in your barter and trade suggestion. We’ll talk later.


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