Day 23 ~ Texas Skip 1936

We have a very dear friend whose  grand-mother was a trickroper and she passed on this legacy to her grand-children and even her great grand-children. I asked her for a photo of her grandmother so I could try and paint her. This is the photo she sent me…


This is what she told me about this photo… “This photo was taken by R.R. Doubleday who was the best rodeo photographer of the time. He said this was the best picture he ever got of someone doing the Texas Skip. The rope was in the right spot, both feet are off the ground, and she’s smiling big! It all happens so fast it’s near impossible to get a good shot of that trick. Grandma was 16 when this was taken. That would’ve been 1936.”

That smile…Wow! Isn’t she gorgeous!!! She was still trick roping in her 90’s…

I’m not finished with my painting. I want to capture her face and I need to get the rope in better after the paint dries a bit… So for today, she is faceless…


8″ x 10″ oil on gesso board


Day 9 ~ Lemon Stand at Cinque Terre

Two of my daughters took a backpack trip to Europe a few years back and returned with some fascinating photographs of place I had never seen. I was so intrigued with the five villages along the Italian coast called Cinque Terre, definitely an artist’s paradise. This painting was inspired by a photo they brought home of a lemon stand…

Lemon Stand ©2015 Karin Naylor8″ x  10″ oil on canvas


This was the only painting I did before the challenge, just in case I get behind… 🙂

Day 1 ~ Dorottya Unfinished

I’ve had the flu for 3 days now and that doesn’t make for good painting time, but I tried to get a head start on my 30 Paintings in 30 Days, so even though I’m not finished with this painting, I’m going to post it for day 1.


This will be my second painting in my “Old World” series. Dorothy (Dorottya) is my husband’s great grandmother. Her story is pretty incredible. She is from Czechoslovakia. In 1907 when she was 18 years old she married, and they had a child, and then her husband emigrated to America hoping to be able to afford to send for her shortly. But it was 11 years before she was able to see him again. I can’t imagine. I admire our ancestors who worked so hard and sacrificed so much to have a better life for their posterity.

I have looked at pictures of Dorothy in her “Old World” traditional dress, and I am astounded at the artistic beauty of the embroidery that she must have spent many, many hours creating. Dorothy was so beautiful, and that is without make-up of any kind. The photos are all black and white, and my goal is to try and bring out the color and give life to the clothing that were incredible masterpieces of handy work…


Dorothy…second to the left with her husband’s family.

dorothy-holding-maryDorothy and her daughter and nephew. Yes, that is a little boy standing on the chair. 🙂

To Market, To Market

To Market, To Market ©2014 Karin Naylor copy11″ x 14″ oil on canvas


Number 1 in my “Old World” series.

We’ve gone to the market. 🙂 We’ve bought our turkeys, our cranberries, our stuffing ingredients…

My contribution this year… a Decadent Chocolate-Espresso Cheesecake and a Cranberry Cheesecake with Cranberry-Orange Sauce from Southern Living.  Yummmm!

PicMonkey CollageI saw these and I couldn’t resist… 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

If you like you can read more about this painting on my website…