a remake…

I decided to rework an old painting I did a few years ago, because I wasn’t happy with the ‘stiffness’ of it, and the panel was damaged in one corner.

On to a new canvas with a looser painting style…

I’m happy with my block in. I did the first painting from life… this one I’m copying from the previous painting.

I really enjoyed the first day. Worked for several hours and enjoyed it immensely. I wasn’t able to finish it that day, so this was as far as I got…

The next afternoon was a disaster.

I felt like I ruined the painting and for several days since then I’ve been going into my studio for maybe a half hour at a time trying to fix it.

Now I’m almost finished, I think, but finishing a painting for me is definitely the hardest part.

I feel like I’m over doing it…under doing it??? Not happy with it yet. 😦

Nevertheless, I’ve got some new projects, new discoveries in mind… I’ll share those next time…:)

Here’s a link to the old painting, if you’re interested… The Goldfish


Progress on Day 3

Here’s my painting almost finished. I still see a little here and a little there that need some gentle touches… Hopefully I will finish tomorrow and start on a new project. 🙂

Did you visit my potter daughter Something Sage and see her incredible reel? If not check out my post from yesterday… you’ll love it!

30 Days in September

Here we go… my daughter and I challenging each other to be creative for 30 days in September. I’m painting and she’s making pottery.

It has been almost 9 months since I finished a painting. This massive insanity all around us has really affected my inspiration for art. Every time I think of painting something beautiful, something terrible happens and then I feel guilty. Sadness is everywhere, lies are everywhere, conflict is everywhere… I was so upset about the canceling of free speech on Instagram that I quit. I can’t support that.

But I’m still here on WordPress and I am setting up a new website, hopefully on FASO, so this is a kind of new start for me. My pottery daughter always encourages me to keep painting, because the world needs good things. So here we go… 🙂

I’m starting this challenge by finishing the painting I began last December. I will try to post daily this month. Thanks for following along. 🙂

My Largest Painting at the Gallery

How many of you have been to Trader Joe’s? How many of you love Trader Joe’s flowers? This next painting is of a bouquet of flowers from Trader Joe’s… The vase belongs to my daughter Sage who absolutely loves the store and most likely bought the flowers for me. The vase and flowers combined make up the subject of this large floral painting.

The Bright Side

Oil on canvas

24″ x 20″


This painting is available at the G Gallery and Glass Studio

Does this painting brighten your day? It does mine… ❤

Day 18 ~ The Goldfish

Just joking about the title… 🙂 I’m so tired and brain numb that I asked my daughter what I should call this painting and she said I should paint a goldfish in the bowl…


18″ x 24″ oil on panel

I don’t know why I start such a big project on a daily painting challenge… but I’m not quite finished with this one… No goldfish though… 🙂

Day 9 ~ Dried Eucalyptus

Funny the things that inspire you as an artist… I walked past this dried eucalyptus in this strange container over at my daughter’s house and thought… I’ve got to paint this…

And of course, I’m breaking all the rules… but I’ve been known to do that… 😉

This painting is not finished, but  I need to work on a commissioned piece today.

I’ll post it again when it’s done…



12″ x  24″ oil on black canvas

Day 1 ~ Aloe Vera

This is my first painting for 30 Paintings in 30 Days in September 2016 ~ a large Aloe Vera plant that grows in a pot on a railroad tie on my patio. It is surrounded by vines of sweet autumn clematis that I thought would be nice to include in the painting, but it would take too much time…Instead I used 3 new paint colors Cobalt Teal to fill in the background, Indian Red on the shadows of the pot and Viridian green. This strange plant looks like it is practically falling out of the pot, but it seems to be well rooted and still growing after many years…

Aloe Vera ©2016 Karin Naylor copy

12″ x  12″ oil on gallery wrapped canvas