Day 29 ~ Mini Autumn Rose Bouquet

One more day… I feel like I’ve been climbing a 14er and I’m almost to the top, but I’m not sure I can make the last 14 feet…

I think I can do it, and I’m amazed…  I’m only short one painting and that’s okay.


4″ x 4″ oil on mini canvas


Here it is with the little easel…


Day 22 ~ Sunflowers in Green Glass

I wasn’t planning to do another sunflower painting this year, but my daughter left for a trip this morning and left me with a bouquet of sunflowers in a green glass vase… the vase is what caught my attention. Definitely was a challenge as I have been working on this all day and I still don’t know what to think about it. Any suggestions???



8″ x 10″ oil on linen

I added the leaf because the space looked to empty. One thing I like about the leaf is that I did not intentionally set out to make it look folded over. I just noticed it now when I posted it. 🙂

Day 8 ~ Mini Ranunculus and Heather Bouquet

This painting was an experiment. I’ve been trying to learn different tips from different artists. One artist said she doesn’t like to adhere to the rule of 3rds, which got me curious about what that was…


So briefly what it is to my non-technical mind is dividing your canvas up into thirds and choosing the points of intersection for your focal points. Many of you probably already know all about this, but I didn’t. So in my little painting I put the yellow ranunculus in the upper left focal point…

Mini Ranunculus and Heather Bouquet ©2016 Karin Naylor copy.JPG

But that is not all… then I watched a video about using the color wheel in your paintings. According to the artist the background color should be the opposite color on the wheel of your focal point color…


My ranunculus in the focal point was  a yellow ochre color and the complimentary color of that was purple. He also said to use the horizontal colors around the focal color, which would be green and red. So I did that and I thought the purple background was way overboard, so I toned it down with gray.


I don’t know what I learned from this, but I think I’m up for more experimenting…

Celia’s Sunflowers

Celia's Sunflowers ©2016 Karin Naylor

16″ x 20″ oil on canvas

I’ve been doing a little experimenting lately with brushes and palette knives and trying to swipe a little with the knife to get a looser feel. I have to admit I’m not very brave doing it, but it’s fun to try something new.

I wrote a little more about this painting and the vase on my website blog, in case you are interested, or haven’t seen it yet. 🙂

Sheer Elegance

I’m going to do a little updating on what’s going on in my art world… I finished this painting…

Sheer Elegance ©2015 Karin NaylorSheer Elegance

12″ x 16″ oil on canvas


…and I am almost finished with this one…


Aspens are my favorite trees and the aqua blue is my favorite color, so combining these two on a large canvas has been a lot of fun for me. 🙂

And some very exciting news…the founder of the restaurant Kitchen No. 324 bought my painting…

Kitchen No.324 ©2015 Karin Naylor copy

That’s it for now… I’m going to try and get a little head start on 30 Paintings in 30 Days which is only a month away. Can you believe it???

New Painting ~ New Studio… An Update

It’s been so long since I posted, but it’s also been so long since I have completed a painting. I’ve been working on this one bouquet of flowers from my garden, determined to complete it no matter what…Here it is almost finished…

painting in progress

I started this one on an 8″x 10″ canvas, and ended up scraping it about 10 times, until I finally put the canvas down and started over on this larger canvas. I don’t really know why this has been such a struggle for me. Life has changed a lot around here, and I’m dealing with so much more stress. It’s interesting to note how stress affects your painting, but also frustrating. I think some people can probably paint masterpieces from the depths of their soul while in their struggles, but I think I’m a more fair weather artist. How about you? Do you notice a difference in your productiveness, either positive or negative, depending on what you are going through in real life?

The hardest part of this painting for me was the yellow rose… I have painted roses before, but it was as if I had never done it before. Finally after redoing it so many times, I prayed to God for assistance. It was interesting, because from there on out, I was using a totally different technique, and it’s working. 🙂

The other part that was hard for me was the dark shady side of the white peonies. After all, that peony is white, not gray, so I struggled with making it dark enough to show shadow.

I have moved my art from my dining room table to a small house on another part of our property. We call it “The Kennel”, because it used to be a dog kennel before we remodeled it. Here are a couple of glimpses into my new studio…

photo 1

photo 2

So, that’s my update for now. I’ve been missing you all…