Day 30 ~ last day

Can’t believe this is the last day of the month and the last day of our challenge. And… I can’t believe I am feeling so lazy. We just had an incredibly wonderful thunderstorm and I’m just sitting here enjoying the sound of thunder and rain all around me.

I did finish another painting today that I had to scrape, because the barn was too red. Scraping to make the barn more subtle, more in the background where it should be was my goal, but in scraping I also removed the snowflakes. Today I restored the snowflakes…

Tomorrow, I think I will post a review of what I accomplished and what I didn’t accomplish on this challenge.

Thank you, Sage, for doing this with me. ❤

Day 18 ~ block in

A couple years ago we went to New Mexico for a little vacation and I took some pictures of all sorts of things that inspired me. I did paint plein air one time up in the Sandia Mountains near Santa Fe, but it was difficult for me knowing that people were waiting on me, even though they were so very nice about it.

While I was looking through my computer pics, I found this iconic truck that we saw near Taos. It’s been a while since I painted a truck and I thought this might be a great time to do it.

I love the aqua color of this truck, and how the color is echoed by the other truck in the background.

When I used to be on IG I made friends with an artist who lives near Taos and we talked about painting this truck.

CheyAnne, New Mexico Mountain Girl , if you see this, I’m challenging you to paint with me. 🙂

Here is my block in…

I’m letting it dry for a bit, and then I’m going to paint some of those beautiful colors.

Hope you all are having a wonderful day! 🙂

Day 15 ~ indecision

I’m at a stopping point with this painting now. I need some advice on the background. Still not sure if I should cut the painting down or paint the background one color. What are your thoughts?

Here is the same image, just cropped. Does that look better?

Personally, I think the background is too busy. Perhaps, I’ll put it away again and take a fresh look in a few months.

Sometimes that just happens. 😦

Oh… Half way through the challenge!!! Yay!!!