My Book Giveaway and Coupon Code

My daughter and I were going to write a book together, she being the storyteller and me being the illustrator. Well, as things turned out I illustrated, and she was not happy with her story, so I made an attempt to write a children’s book to be enjoyed by the very young….




My little grand-daughter LOVES this book and I bought her a little stuffed animal puppy to match…




I thought lots of little children would enjoy this book, so I’m going to GIVEAWAY a very limited addition copy of this book for my fourth giveaway in November. If you have a toddler, or grandchild, or niece or nephew, or a little friend who would enjoy a cute little book about a cute little puppy just leave a comment to win this sweet book.

Also, I’m giving a 20% discount in my Etsy Shop until December 1st. This includes my 2017 calendar, my note cards and original paintings. Just use the coupon code BEGIVING20 at checkout.

Thank you all so very much for all your encouragement this year. 🙂


Day 28 ~ Pure Joy

I’m having so much fun on Instagram. I find artists that encourage me and inspire me and so many wonderful people who share their own life experiences, plus my own children, who I don’t see all the time what they are doing, so posting a picture keeps me up on their activities. This painting was inspired from a friend I haven’t seen for a long time. Her mother was my midwife and delivered 6 of my 9 children. Because of Instagram I get to see a little of what is going on in their lives even though they live faraway.


11″ x 14″ oil on linen

I loved this picture the minute I saw it, and asked her if I could paint it…pure joy!!!

Day 21 ~ Wagon Ride

Wagon Ride ©2014 Karin Naylor8″ x  10″ oil on canvas

What fun to ride in a wagon!  The inspiration for this painting came not on a beach, but in the middle of a crosswalk in some far away town in Illinois. We were trying to find a coffee shop to take a break from our long drive, and I spotted this woman with an empty wagon crossing the street.

After we found the coffee shop who did we see there, but this same woman with the three children in the wagon. I just couldn’t resist taking the photos and saving them for some future painting. I changed the street to a walking path on the beach as you can see. We artists get to do things like that. 🙂

I’ll be working on this a bit more tomorrow, but I wanted to get it posted for today. Yesterday’s finished photo is up and can be found on the previous post.

Let me know what you think. I’m getting tired…only one week left to go. Can’t believe how fast the time is going by.