Feeling Peachy :)

I’ve been really busy in the gardens these past months, amending soil, planting seeds, making new garden beds, and hoping for a great harvest this summer. All to say that it hasn’t left me with a lot of energy to paint, but I have had some great sales at the gallery, so I thought I’d share a few…

Peachy SOLD

Speaking of peachy… I have a beautiful peach tree in my back yard. Unfortunately, it usually blossoms out, and then we have a freeze and consequently no peaches. But this year we did not have that last freeze, and I am eagerly anticipating a wonderful harvest of peaches!!! Can’t get more peachy than that, can you? 🙂

Last year I planted a lot of Dahlias, then overwintered the tubers. I’m hoping for a good year of Dahlias again this year. This next painting of one of my dahlias is a small one 5″ x 7″ surrounded by a beautiful ornate gold frame that I had stored away in my studio.

Dahlia SOLD

And a couple of minis… SOLD

And some cards… SOLD

It has been a good month. Hope you all are having a blessed month as well.

As the weather gets hotter here, I’m planning on spending a good amount of time in my studio working on those back alley paintings and whatever else inspires at the moment. But for now you will find me out gardening…

On my way to our local garden center Terra Cotta to buy some plants for my porch pots. 🙂

Happy gardening everyone, get some sunshine and dirt on those hands… it’s good for your health.

Day 12 ~ Finicky Flowers

Wow… I’m tired and the challenge isn’t even half way through. I’ve been working on a commission all this time, and I was hoping to finish it and post it today, but it didn’t get finished. Instead I took one of the mini paintings that I didn’t like and scraped it and painted something over it and scraped it again and that is why I’m naming these flowers finicky…or am I finicky…



4″ x 4″ oil on mini canvas


Day 8 ~ Mini Ranunculus and Heather Bouquet

This painting was an experiment. I’ve been trying to learn different tips from different artists. One artist said she doesn’t like to adhere to the rule of 3rds, which got me curious about what that was…


So briefly what it is to my non-technical mind is dividing your canvas up into thirds and choosing the points of intersection for your focal points. Many of you probably already know all about this, but I didn’t. So in my little painting I put the yellow ranunculus in the upper left focal point…

Mini Ranunculus and Heather Bouquet ©2016 Karin Naylor copy.JPG

But that is not all… then I watched a video about using the color wheel in your paintings. According to the artist the background color should be the opposite color on the wheel of your focal point color…


My ranunculus in the focal point was  a yellow ochre color and the complimentary color of that was purple. He also said to use the horizontal colors around the focal color, which would be green and red. So I did that and I thought the purple background was way overboard, so I toned it down with gray.


I don’t know what I learned from this, but I think I’m up for more experimenting…

Day 2 ~ Echinacea, Yellow Roses and Oatgrass

What a combination… I had such a hard time collecting flowers from my flower garden this year. Everything did so poorly. Even my tomatoes only grew about half the size they normally do. And I haven’t figured out why…

This mini painting is one of the small bouquets I picked to paint. Echinacea (purple cone flowers), yellow roses, pink phlox, oat grass, sage and wormwood in a small white pitcher…

Echinachea, Yellow Roses and Oatgrass Bouquet © 2016 Karin Naylor copy

5″ x 5″ oil on  panel


Love how it looks with this stand…