Day 8 ~ Super Moon

Last night all of us girls went to the lake,  and I took my paints to paint Plein Air, while everyone else enjoyed the rising moon. The sky was clear, and it wasn’t windy, but the lake was not still, like I hoped it would be, so I could capture lots of reflections…

IMG_39238″ x 10″ oil on canvas

This is my second try at Plein Air. What I found difficult was to find a place to sit where I could see the lake through the tall grass, I should have brought an easel so I could stand.  It is absolutely incredible how the colors change once the moon comes up over the horizon. I found myself changing colors constantly, and in ways that didn’t make sense to my mind. I really want to do this again sometime.

The super moon is supposed to be rising again tonight…I think we have a cloudy forecast. I’m glad I went yesterday.