Sweet Sisters

Sweet Sisters ©2018 Karin Naylor

18″ x 18″ oil on canvas

(The color doesn’t look quite right on this photo to me, but it could be my computer, or so my son told me when he helped me take the picture, so that it would be good enough to make prints from. How does one know for sure? I guess I can view it on some one else’s computer and see how it looks…)

I enjoyed painting these two sweet sisters picking wildflowers in this field. The story behind this is pretty amazing. To keep it short I will just say that the parents ended up milking donkeys to heal a serious auto-immune disease that one of these girls developed over night… They now make all kinds of donkey milk soaps and skin care products. I saw this photo on Instagram and ended up painting it for the mom. She loves it. When the painting is dry I’ll deliver it to her and meet them all plus the donkeys. 🙂


Day 23 ~ Texas Skip 1936

We have a very dear friend whose  grand-mother was a trickroper and she passed on this legacy to her grand-children and even her great grand-children. I asked her for a photo of her grandmother so I could try and paint her. This is the photo she sent me…


This is what she told me about this photo… “This photo was taken by R.R. Doubleday who was the best rodeo photographer of the time. He said this was the best picture he ever got of someone doing the Texas Skip. The rope was in the right spot, both feet are off the ground, and she’s smiling big! It all happens so fast it’s near impossible to get a good shot of that trick. Grandma was 16 when this was taken. That would’ve been 1936.”

That smile…Wow! Isn’t she gorgeous!!! She was still trick roping in her 90’s…

I’m not finished with my painting. I want to capture her face and I need to get the rope in better after the paint dries a bit… So for today, she is faceless…


8″ x 10″ oil on gesso board


Day 14 ~ Lauren

I have the cutest niece… five foot two and eyes of brown… 😉  Her laugh is vibrant and contagious, and I’ve never seen her without hearing her laughter. She is the same age as my son… “The Shepherd”, who I painted last year, and when Lauren saw the painting she wanted me to do one of her too. She sent me an adorable photo of her scrunching up her face wearing a large felt hat…

IMG_3963I’m posting this today for Day 14, but I still have work to do on it. Wish I could get the cute scrunch she has in the original photo. I’m hoping she loves it…