A Little Side Note ~ Oklahoma Redbuds

Some time when I was pondering this Painter’s Block, I did this plein aire painting of the Oklahoma Redbuds.

Oklahoma Redbuds Β©2017 Karin Naylor copy

12″ x 12″ oil on Ampersand Panel


I’m happy to say that this painting was featured on Open Studio Online. πŸ™‚

It is probably evident that I have really been trying to be looser with my brush strokes, looser and more relaxed with my paintings in general. I think this is why I lack confidence, because I’m so nit-picky about details. This is one of the areas I realized that was causing this painter’s block. It is often scary going out of our comfort zones; we have to be willing to not just “test the waters”, but jump in. πŸ™‚

Cushion Bushing

Have any of you heard of a cushion bush? When I saw a photo my daughters brought back from their trip to Australia, I couldn’t resist trying to paint it. She told me that you could actually sit in these bushes and relax, and that they are really comfortable. πŸ™‚


12″ x 12″ oil on gallery wrapped canvas

Leucophyta brownii (also known as Cushion Bush).

Leucophyta brownii is a small, rounded shrub with tangled tomentose branchlets that give it a silvery appearance. It commonly occurs on the exposed faces of cliffs and dunes on the south coast of Australia. Although it can grow up to 1 metre high, it is more usually 0.2 to 0.7 metres high. It produces flowers during summer (December to February in Australia). These are white – yellow globular heads and about 1Β cm in diameter. ~ Wikipedia

Day 24 ~ Headed to the Mountains

I love the view of the mountains as you are drawing close to them. To get to the mountains from where I live is a long grueling trip through the prairie. So that first glimpse is precious. This is actually on Highway 159 going north from New Mexico. This is a work in progress,Β  as I still have to put more layers on the clouds…


12″ xΒ  12″ oil on panel

Day 18 ~ Clear Creek Above Georgetown, CO

I’m getting a little behind, but we had overnight guests this weekend…So, I painted two paintings today. This one is from a photo I took back in January when we stayed in a cabin nestled in the woods near this creek high up in the Rocky Mountains…



9″ x 9″ oil on gessoed panel

Day 14 ~ Old Heron on an Old Pier

Every morning when my daughter and I walk before the sun rises, this old heron is sitting on the old pier facing where the sun will come up and waiting… Usually we scare him off as we walk by, but sometimes he sits long enough for us to get some photos of him.


6″ xΒ  6″ oil on gessoed panel


Day 13 ~ 1804 Coffee Haiti

I made some real progress on this painting today. I’ve actually been working on this commission for about 10 days. I know tomorrow after a fresh look at it, I will have some changes to make, but for now it is going to be my Day 13 painting…


12″ x 16 ” gallery wrapped canvas


1804 Coffee Β roasts beans from HaitiΒ  out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. They are dedicated to helping the people of Haiti get back on their feet by producing coffee beans. Did you know at one time Haiti produced 50% of the coffee sold in the world?Β  Their website has a lot of wonderful photos and information about this project. And you can support these farmers by buying their coffee. And it tastes wonderful!!!