Day 13 ~ My Father’s World

One of my daughters set up Pandora on my computer, so I could listen to music while I paint. Moving all my art stuff out into our old music room, which used to be the garage, was hard for me, but I was really outgrowing the dining room. I did miss listening to music while I painted, and Pandora has really been wonderful for me.

All that to say that when I was painting my Texas bluebonnet landscape…

IMG_39595″ x 7″ oil on gessoed panel


Β …a beautiful hymn sung by Jadon Lavik changed my whole perspective in my painting…it is my Father’s world…His sky, His clouds, His sunrise, His mountains, His valleys, His rivers, His bluebonnets…

Hope you’ll take the time to stop and enjoy… πŸ™‚


15 thoughts on “Day 13 ~ My Father’s World

    1. It was just so special to read your post, and then when I saw you had that hymn there, I just had to share with you how it had touched me a couple of months before. It’s so amazing to connect with another believer living on the other side of the earth. What an amazing God we have!!!


      1. We do have an amazing God πŸ™‚ I do think it’s so cool to be able to share our faith in this way, hehe.. And I really like how simple the lyrics are and yet so deep too. Aww, definitely keep painting!! They’re amazing!


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