Summer’s End

Summer's End ©2018 Karin Naylor copy

11″ X 14″ oil on canvas


It’s been so long since I posted, so I just thought I’d add a recent painting. These were dahlias from my flower garden that I placed in my latte art pitcher, because I wanted to paint a reflection. 🙂

Day 27 ~ Farmer’s Market Flowers


Tried to be loose on this one, but perhaps it ended up being too detailed. I think I’m going to try a deeper turquoise in the background to brighten it up a bit. Not the greatest photo as I took it with my phone.

Day 18 ~ The Goldfish

Just joking about the title… 🙂 I’m so tired and brain numb that I asked my daughter what I should call this painting and she said I should paint a goldfish in the bowl…


18″ x 24″ oil on panel

I don’t know why I start such a big project on a daily painting challenge… but I’m not quite finished with this one… No goldfish though… 🙂