Day 18 ~ The Goldfish

Just joking about the title… 🙂 I’m so tired and brain numb that I asked my daughter what I should call this painting and she said I should paint a goldfish in the bowl…


18″ x 24″ oil on panel

I don’t know why I start such a big project on a daily painting challenge… but I’m not quite finished with this one… No goldfish though… 🙂

Day 1 ~ White Rose Gray Layer

September is here again and I was not planning on taking on the 30 in 30 Challenge this montb, but some friendly  artists on Instagram encouraged me to do it, so here I am. Taking a little break from my posts on Painter’s Block to paint every day for 30 days and experiment a little with different techniques.

White Rose Gray Layer copy

My first experiment is with some Flemish painting techniques. I took a photo of this rose from a beautiful bouquet of flowers that my husband bought me for my birthday. I was fascinated with the spiral and wanted to paint a rose with an emphasis on the spiral.

Old fashioned Flemish painting is done with many layers. The first layer was toning the canvas with the lightest color of the rose. The second and third layers are done in umber… I did a fast take on the umber and  kind of fast forwarded to the fourth layer which is the gray layer. This took me soooo long and I still don’t have it perfect, but now I’m going to let it dry and then work on it again later on in the challenge.


Major Mess Up

At this point in my artist journey, I really thought that I had come through the painter’s block. I picked a bouquet of lilies from my flower garden and set to work on a new painting.

I really like how this turned out at first, but this is just a small corner of this painting…


Here’s the whole thing when I first started, before I reworked it, added a vase, took away the vase, added a vase again…


Before I decided I would change the background and make it darker…

Before the live flowers began to fade and fall off…

And here it is still sitting cast aside…maybe someday to be resurrected… maybe not… 😦


I really messed up, and I still don’t know how to change this.

One thing I learned here is that I have no step by step process for painting. I just kind of wing it.

That is what I now set out to discover…

But I have to say that I was extremely discouraged at this point. I really thought that perhaps it was time to quit painting. My painter’s block had come to it’s most critical point.

So sad…